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Start A New Life From Now

I have experienced a few moments when I thought, 'Oh a new life has begun now.'

That is a sensation which you wake up that moment and your life begins from right there, unlike when something happy happens and you feel like 'I can move forward from now.'

It feels like the past does not exist.

But you have something like memories which make you wonder if you might have lived that past.

When I had a car accident when I was little, and when I crushed my face on my friend's concrete kitchen floor in my late 20's, I saw a small white light in the darkness and I was drawn into it and the light became bigger and bigger, then I started to hear sounds and boom my reality started to unfold from there.

Afterwards I found out what happened.

But I did not know who I am, what's happening and where I was right away.

Since I had those experiences, I've been having this sense that every moment is a different reality.

Therefore, sometimes I feel ideas like 'because I've been doing this, I'm this person' and 'I've been doing this job' are just illusions and prejudices.

If you are just projecting your prejudices into reality, then you can stop and be able to start a completely new life from now.

We can all live without the prejudices like age, gender, race or occupation.

The truth is that we just decide those things by ourselves.















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