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Trusting Myself 100%

I still had not announced here yet, but I was planning to have my first exhibition in Japan in April.

However, I will no longer participate in that exhibition.

That was unfortunate, but I was not really shocked by the news.

Even so, because I had a great show in Taipei, Taiwan last October, FENKO Catalysis Chamber sponsored a 40-meter roll of paper to me for the Japan show. Since I'm no longer participating in that show, I was wondering a bit what to do with the paper, but then a really exciting idea fell on me during the weekend.

If I open my heart and live that way everyday, a solution comes to me without thinking.

I just trust myself and what happens to me 100%.





ただ、昨年の秋に台湾で展示をやったご縁で、その展示のために台北の鳳嬌催化室(FENKO Catalysis Chamber)に40メートル分の紙をいただいていたので、展示参加がなくなってしまったことで「はて、これはどうしようか」と思っていたところ、先週末にふとものすごくワクワクするアイデアが降りてきました。




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