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Gratitude / I Have

I have a routine to have gratitude when I wake up in the morning.

When I start the day, I thank for things like that I was able to wake up again with a healthy body, that I was able to sleep in my comfortable bed, that I was able to be peacefully with my beloved person.

Maybe because I've been doing so while our society is unsettled like 'What should we do if this happens?,' I am able to direct my consciousness to 'I have.'

I have my healthy body, I have my beloved family, I can cook, I can eat delicious meals, the sun and moon shine like always, there are kind people around me; 'I have' is limitless if we consciously count them.

If you focus on fear and anxiety, you experience something scary and you then want to criticize society or somebody, but when you direct your consciousness to 'I have,' you can feel peace grow within you.

I thought about this when I meditated this morning. I wanted to make a note.










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