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Getting Out of Illusions

It is secure to obey what was told by elders, it is secure to listen to big organizations, that used to be common sense or what many people believed in until now.

But the whole world is upset by just one virus and facing a time to reset.

Many events have been cancelled and jobs are destitute, so that people have not been able to continue what they had been doing.

Some people are suffering from the phenomenon, there are also many people who got out of the illusion of 'It is secure by continuing the same as always' who are taking this as a chance.

An illusion of hierarchy society. An illusion that we have to earn money by working hard. An illusion that what the media such as TV and newspapers report are true.

Many young people may have been out of those illusions already.

However it could be hard for older people to accept a new way of life because they have been worshipping those illusions.

It is scary to change. I know.

That is why if older people are able to let go of those illusions and take a leap with courage, the world would change dramatically; society could become circle-structured or even sphere-structured, not vertical or horizontal.

I believe our future is bright.













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