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Nectar of Abuse of Weakness

In French filmmaker Catherine Breillat’s new film “Abuse of Weakness (Abus de faiblesse),” film director Maud (Isabelle Huppert) suffers a stroke leaving her with hemiplegia on the left side of her body. Lying in a hospital bed, she can’t move without help from doctors and nurses, and is not even able to laugh or recognize colors. Knowing that nothing will be the same, she struggles to accept her new self. After release from the hospital, she proceeds with a new film project and meets the irresistible Vilko (Kool Shen), a con man who grew up in harsh circumstances and has now become famous for his exploits. Maud is no exception; Vilko swindles money from her too but she deliberately falls into the joy of possession of this charismatic man. Read more...

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