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The Filmmakers’ Portrait Series: Joachim Trier

Norwegian film director Joachim Trier communicates with his delicate voice through film. Full of life, non-judgement and optimism dwell in his films as if he embraces ourselves in struggle as we are, as things are. Where does that extraordinary force come from? His second feature film “Oslo, August 31st” based on the novel “The Fire Within” written by Pierre Eugéne Drieu La Rochelle, is about Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie), a young recovering drug addict who leaves his treatment center for one day to go on a job interview and meet his caring friends in Oslo, where his memories lay on. Memories and existentialism are also important essences in his story as well. Life is momentum. Every moment we travel through space and time. Mr. Trier’s language allows us be aware of how that’s divine, and his eyes capture a moment of delicacy, and question for our existence while gazing at the luminescence of it. Read more...

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