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Taiyo's new departure into the digital art world.

He has developed NFTs as "Solar Pontifex",  his digital artist avatar. 

The Solar Pontifex NFT project consists of several modules.


While in the process of returning to his true nature, Taiyo, a.k.a SolarPontifex, began to be curious about water. Water is us. Water is the Earth. These images are not meant to be analyzed or conceptual, but allow us rather to remember how fluid, sensitive and fun we are. As water shares the instantaneous nature of electricity, the images stimulate each of the senses simultaneously. We not only see them, but also feel, hear, smell and taste them. Each image existed for only one millisecond in the physical dimension. Enter into a precious microscopic moment of Eternity.

The NFTs in the SP Cycle are digital visual poems. The series has no concept, only feeling and vision. A mirror of the world that is continually transforming. Therefore the cycle exists only in presence.

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Reimaginings of former works including iconic physical works. The series will be released soon.

"The Healer: Re-imagined" is a dance of soft and striking colors and light. Comfort and strength arise from the visions, transmuting a dichotomous energy, so that subject and viewer are both the healer and the healed. Moving beyond concept, the images reach deep within one to awaken a hibernating tenderness, lightness and playfulness.

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