Choose any set of 2.

Decorate your space in your style. 

Or keep one for you and give one for your someone you love or care. 

Taiwan #5 (left) and Taiwan #3 (right) in the photo 


A small window of 10 x 10 inches gives litheness to the space and tenderness to the life. If you have multiples, it’s fun to arrange the space by placing them in different ways.


Taiyo created the series when he felt cramped and uncomfortable by contemporary art and society itself where concepts are emphasized, and focused on aspects of texture such as litheness and tenderness. 


This series has been shown at galleries and art fairs in NYC as well as the Suho Memorial Paper Museum in Taiwan.




10 x 10インチの小さな窓が空間にしなやかさを与え、日々に柔らかさを灯してくれる。




Set of 2

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  • • Original

    • 10 x 10 x 1 - 1/2 inch each

    • Mulberry paper on canvas

    • Singed on the back 

    • Unframed