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When we hear the word ‘love’, some people might feel that they have to be great enough to talk about it. However, unconditional love embraces everything. It accepts all. So actually we don’t need to feel any hesitation. Love just exists. It’s natural that there is. This was a theme I couldn’t really touch until now. But because I allow my natural self to be, and in the process of returning to that state, it is instinctive to create works with a theme of love. 


The “Love” Series was born during my meditative process of incorporating the element of water into my art. Rather than painting I use paint as a medium to make the movement of water visible. I observe how paint spreads in water, how the image changes over time and in response to gravity and humidity, and which colors rise above or sink below other colors while drying. During the observation I document photograph and film the process. 


I call the series “Love” because it emerged naturally from the environmental condition, just as Mother Earth has created the body. I unconditionally love these works myself. It feels meaningful to work on art with the theme of love at this time. 


Each work from the series is one of a kind, numbered and signed by Taiyo.


Touch the “Love” Series and make your life full of love.

Love #91

Sales Tax Included |
  • Love #91, 2023

    Acrylic in water on paper

    7x5 in | 17.7x12.7 cm


    Artwork ships unframed, specially boxed, via USPS. 


    All sales are final.

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