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The Zero Field

“The Zero Field” premiered at Suho Memorial Paper Museum in Taipei, Taiwan in October 2019 as part of the collaborative exhibition “Join Feelings” with Ines Sun. Comprised of approximately 40,000 paper pieces measuring 1.5 inch each, which Taiyo tore and sculpted by hand, collaging each piece onto 6 ft long paper streamers, completing 129 streamers each of a different design. The streamers were mounted onto a bamboo hoop suspended from the ceiling and exhibited as an interactive installation: a 6 ft high and 21.6 ft in circumference tube which could be entered. “The Zero Field” is the most neutral space where you can pause the world and return to yourself.


Additionally Taiyo created an experimental photoshoot in which mixed race models wore “The Zero Field” streamers in various iterations, showcasing its versatility of design and structure. One of the photos appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of “The Pinch," a literary journal published by the University of Memphis. 

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